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Fellow author and aficionado of the arcane arts, Jon Kaneko-James of Dark Sheep Books, has kindly created a couple of pieces of digital artwork for Sam Hain along with these short crossover stories, featuring one of his creations: the obscure and otherworldly Penny...


- The Silent One -

- No Good Deed -


For more of Jon's work, including his fantastic new series of novellas The Five Stages of Magic, visit the Dark Sheep website.

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The Tufnell Park Terror was originally written as a Sam Hain Halloween Special for All Hallows’ Read. It started out as a 2,000 word short story, which very quickly took on a life of its own and accidentally became a novella.


The full story is FREE to read on the website from the 31st October to 30th November, after which it will be available on Kindle. I hope you enjoy this Halloween tale.


Click here to read

The Tufnell Park Terror.

Halloween. A time of costumes and celebrations.

However, humans aren’t the only ones who regard this All Hallows’ Eve, and don disguises of their own…

While investigating an interdimensional incursion somewhere in the vicinity of Tufnell Park, occult detective Sam Hain finds himself gatecrashing a Halloween party. With the help of friend and burgeoning witch, Alice Carroll, and enlisting the aid of supernatural specialist, Penelope Etrange, they seek to eliminate any eldritch entities before things go awry.

But the veils between worlds are at their thinnest on this night, and the threat of things from beyond crossing the terrestrial threshold looms…


Read The Tufnell Park Terror for FREE here.

Short Stories

The Tufnell Park Terror Cover [ebook]