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Sam Hain – Occult Detective: Volume 1 is OUT NOW!

The compendium of the first six stories in the Sam Hain series – featuring the author’s preferred text, revised and expanded, and illustrations by Camilla Winquist – is out now. The hardback, paperback and Kindle editions of this volume are available to order from the Sam Hain Store, Amazon, and through your local book retailer.

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Sam Hain's Store

Protection Spell


A  spell for protection and warding off negative energies. Light the candle and recite the spell written upon the scroll. Each spell kit comes in a handmade pouch, containing a handwritten spell scroll, a black candle for the ritual, a pentacle for magickal protection, and a quartz crystal for energy amplification.

N.B. Magick is an Art of the Will. Spells are at their most effective when cast with focus, devotion and intent, and can vary in potency. Please use Magick responsibly.