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New Sam Hain artwork

is now available!

Featuring incredible character portraits by Camilla Winquist,

and a Sam Hain mini-comic illustrated by comic artist Matt Fair.


Welcome to the official Sam Hain website.


This site is dedicated to the series of magical realism novellas, written by Bron James, which follows the supernatural adventures of the occult detective, Sam Hain, and his colleague Alice Carroll.

"Imagine Constantine written by Douglas Adams for Doctor Who, and you'll be roughly in the right area for this highly enjoyable series.  Bron James skillfully weaves a thrilling tale of private detective Sam Hain and his plucky assistant Alice as they investigate murder, magic and other paranormal events."

-Jeremy Biggs, Subversive Comics

SCC 2 MCM Oct (6)

Sam Hain at London's

Film & Comic Con!

Bron James will be at London Film and Comic Con in Kensington Olympia from the 28th to 30th of July. Over the course of the weekend, Bron will be selling and signing copies of the Sam Hain - Occult Detective series of novellas, as well as original Sam Hain character artwork and the occult detective's first short comic adventure.


For more LFCC details and to buy tickets, please visit: www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com


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